Collecting what I’m allergic to or I get Irritated by” is an installation by Amirali Ghasemi created for the exhibition “Amirali’s Medical Profile” at Azad Gallery, Tehran.

Ghasemi has put together objects, food packaging or goods and devices together with personal belongings, some toys, medicines, and items related to his childhood to tools he used in his university years. The piece is as much as a self-portrait as it is about his life-long struggle with allergic symptoms and Asthma while it deals with the collective memory of things from the 80s onward. The irony of what can one get irritated by adds to the “cabinet of curiosity” quality of the piece, carefully placed but occasionally re-arranged by the artist during the show, as he remembers things and receives good that caused him allergy in the old days.
The bookshelf used in the installation once belonged to his grandparents Mohammad Javad Pourvakil & Akram Naraghi, installed in their house in a residential complex in the west of Tehran where Amirali was born in the rented house next door back in 1980.